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with the strength & gentleness of natures giants, the humble elephant

20 Aug 2012, posted in Branding

Creating ideas for identity branding and it’s logo is one of my favourite things to do. Live More’s branding was a joy to create because Peg Haust-Arliss had a couple of solid ideas that she wanted to explore in her coaching business teaching mind, body & soul concepts. Peg loves elephants, loves them and has shared her thoughts on her facebook page and coincidentally so do I. Peg doesn’t know this (until reading this blog page) but I have a mini collection of elephants and keep being given them every few years by friends and strangers.

Peg wanted a branding concept that was fresh, vibrant and still an earthy quality to it. So the colours chosen were orange, green & purple to cover mind, body & spirit. The initial concepts created & tried were a lion and fire feeling, I played the psychedelic card just because the colours were fun to do and also a fire / water lion style. In the end we didn’t like either because the lion wasn’t right and I didn’t like the connotation of setting the lion on fire.
CathieGraphy - Branding & Identity - Live More
So we moved onto the elephant concepts shooting a firework out of its trunk. The first watermark blue logo was a bit too republican political style symbol .. I didn’t know this but accept the decision, the second logo was a very abstract elephant. This abstract elephant hit me in my creative guts because when it was finished I swear I had seen this logo before .. well I had, perfectly, it’s what I saw in my head. I was so sure I’d seen it before that I sent it around my designer friends to check I hadn’t unconciously copied someone. Plagarism being a very bad thing to do as a creative.CathieGraphy - Branding & Identity - Live More
So I shared the two final logo’s with the facebook audience on my new album seeking feedback: Feedback from the Heart! This is a space where you my audience can interact with me and my clients, sharing your thoughts and opinions on work in progress.

This feedback process is critical to a successful design, especially with my clients audience. If they find something that is the wrong connotation, prefer a bit more clarity of thought then it needs to be heard before the logo is finalised. This has been the key reason behind the success of this branding logo and that of the Feminine 1st branding I did earlier in the year.
CathieGraphy - Branding & Identity - Live More
The best thing about this branding and logo is that all of the components of the brand can be used on their own or as a group concept. What do I mean by this?

This means that each individual elephant can be used on its own either with the three symbol firework display or the individual stars, leaves or heart message, to signify mind, body & soul. It can also be split so that the elephants can be on their own, or with the words, or all three and LIVE MORE or the entire set of images below. This versatility is fantastic when it comes to work created using this branding. On websites, products & stationary designed using this branding allows for it to clearly show which subsection of business is being talked about and this business can do this in two ways. Either with the individual elephant or just with the sybmols on their own of star, leaf or heart. Those symbols can be used for bullet points, header icons and so much more.

Branding is so much more than JUST the logo. It’s about the presence of the business, how the logo will be used and where (icons, stations, entire billboards, browser address bar icon and more). These colours can be used by Peg in her clothing, her stationary to reflect her branding. Branding is a living concept people have about your business .. the logo is a key part because these are the symbols people will recognise quickly to spot your business.  As such Peg’s branding and logo is perfect for her.
CathieGraphy - Branding & Identity - Live More
I hope you enjoyed reading the behind the scenes for creating the Live More brand for Peg Haust-Arliss and congrats Peg, I very much look forward to see the ideas you’ve shared with me for your businesses future coming to live.

  • Peg

    Thanks Cathie! Will be contacting you for my next project for sure!!!

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